Jean Macorlan

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  • ~ 1882-1970 ~

    Jean Macorlan was a French novelist and songwriter.

    Jean Macorlan is presumably an alias for Pierre Dumarchey, who was better known under the pseudonym Pierre Mac Orlan. It is also possible that this name was given to Pierre his brother: Jean Dumarchay. Jean told Pascal Pia that he used the Dumarchey name to upset an uncle of his who made his life hard
    Another alias he Pierre used was Sadie Blackeye. For Pierre Dumarchey I could find this:
    He was a French author, songwriter and illustrator who contributed greatly to early 20th century French spanking literature. He was born in Péronne, France in 1882 and illustrated French magazines such as the French satire magazine Le Rire using the pseudonym Pierre Mac Orlan. He also started to write for these magazines.

    Pierre Dumarchey wrote and illustrated erotic F/F and M/F flagellation novels such as Le Masochisme en Amérique (1905) for Librairie d'amateurs, La Comtesse au Fouet (1908) and Les Grandes Flagellées de l'Histoire (1909) for Jean Fort. Over the next few years he used many different pseudonyms: Pierre Mac Orlan, Pierre du Bourdel, Sadie Blackeyes, Jean LePrince, Pierre de Jusange, Doctor Fowler, Sadinet, Ludovic Riezer, Claude de Saint-Hieble (in L'Instrument des apothicaires, Jean Fort, 1920), Chevalier de X (in Georges: Femmes du monde et sang bleu, Liseux, 1908) and Jean Macorlan for the illustrations in Les Grandes Flagellées de l'Histoire (1909). Another of his many pseudonyms is, possibly, La Vrille (Le Journal d'une masseuse).
    He moved to Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin, France, in 1927, where he lived with his wife until he died in 1970.

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